February 1, 2015


Directors: Toby Genkel & Steve Hudson
Screenplay by: Steve Hudson
Based on the children’s books by Guy Bass, illustrated by Pete Williamson

Producer: Sonja Ewers
Coproducer: Fabrique d’Images, Traumhaus Studios
Studios: Lavalabs, Studio Rakete, Pixomondo
In cooperation with Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Creative Europe, FFA

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union

Family entertainment 3D animation comedy adventure feature
Status: Production

High above the little town of Grubbers Nubbin looms Castle Grotteskew. Here, in his Laboratory, the maddest of all Mad Professors awakes monstrous Creations to (almost)-LIFE!™… then promptly forgets all about them.

The only one looking after the castle and the monsters within is Stitch Head - the Professor’s very first, long-forgotten Creation. Terrified the Townsfolk might form an Angry Mob and storm the castle, Stitch Head does everything to keep himself and his fellow-monsters quiet and hidden.

But then the Freak Show comes to town. And its owner, the cunning Fulbert Freakfinder, needs new, scarier Freaks…

Stitch Head is a an adventure full of fun, for Monsters young and old.